Blog #15: NaNo ’21, Day 13

Today’s stats

Words written: 3585 (what?)

Candle level: ~35% left

Chapters until THE END: <1

Finally, I’m done with the fight scene! x.x

At least until revisions roll around. Then, hopefully, I’ll be able to replace that chapter with one that’s half to two-thirds of its length, with a more coherent structure. Please.

Ah, well. I did say it had to be functional, not good. Quality? Who cares, it’s done!

(Today was another of those days where I sat around for a long time trying to write before anything actually started working smoothly. Eventually I hit that wordcount up there, but… it took a while. Under these circumstances, I’m not inclined to be picky about the quality of what I produced…)

The denouement chapter does start with some random filler that kind of doesn’t link up to much, because one of my favorite side characters wanted to ramble for a while so I let her. I’ll probably cut or condense her story later. Right now it doesn’t matter. She can ramble in the first draft.

I’m really feeling the need for a break from this story, so I’m glad it’s almost done and the rest is plot-light character fluff. There’s a tiny bit of worldbuilding to drop in at the last minute, to set up that ~sequel potential~ everyone likes to have, and of course I need the space anyway to give the readers that last little bit of how everything works out post-story and see all the characters again, and so I can set up a joke or something to end on. I’ve got about two-thirds of a chapter of that stuff, and then I’m free. Freeeee!!!

(*pats novel* jk I still love you. but we need some space.)

I’ll need a bit of a break before I jump back into Green Goliath. I might make some digital art, some oil paintings, maybe mess around with my Redbubble for a bit, set up the new website I’ve been meaning to get to… hopefully I won’t have to be away from writing too long, but I’m feeling the fatigue. I’ve been working on MMPC for about a month straight, and that’s… usually the length of my attention span for projects at any given time. It can be a struggle if I don’t pivot back and forth between creative work; that’s a form of rest for me.

Basically: oof, I’m tired. And not just because it’s half past 3am as I write this.

I’m actually still using the snowy video from yesterday, but here’s another white noise video anyway. This one’s got a hobbit-hole home as the background :3

Wordfully yours,


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