Blog #16: NaNo ’21, Day 14

Today’s stats

Words written: 566

Times I’ve gotten distracted tonight: (insert infinity symbol here)

How much I need to go to bed: very

Apologies to my beta reader and her cake bet; I’m missing my deadline here :p

Almost done! But not quite. The fatigue has smacked me down on this story, 1500 (?) words from the finish line. Another good day of writing will crack it, but today is not that day. (Or night. Whatever.) This is what happens when you stay up until 3:30am writing, and then don’t get to sleep until 5am for some reason???, and then you don’t eat enough, and then you try to write.

I’d be tempted to stay up and smash the deadline anyway (midnight isn’t real, the date switches when I go to bed >:p) buuuuuut I have to drive two (2) family members to two (2) different doctor’s appointments tomorrow, so I need to actually sleep, else I’d turn very quickly into a somnolent road hazard.

Here’s some noise to sleep by. This video looks like a cozy place to sleep, doesn’t it?

Wordfully yours,


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