Blog #18: NaNo ’21, Day 17/18/19


Words written: a few just now, forgot to check the wordcount before starting oops

Digital illustrations: 3

Madoka Magica episodes rewatched: all 12, in one sitting

I’m remembering why I pivot projects so much. I was stuck on MMPC before, and I think I’ve broken the block now because I just went back and had a look at the last chapter, and I think I could pick it up okay. I wrote a couple lines and it was fine. This stands in stark contrast to the “staring at the page for two hours and getting 400 words” thing I was doing before.

Also, I drew three designs on my drawing tablet today. They weren’t hugely complex… okay, one was, because it was seven hummingbirds I’m going to turn into a pattern. The other two weren’t though. They were an avatar for my new Redbubble store (which I’ll launch as soon as the namespace change for the domain propagates, which will let me set up an email address under that domain, which will let me sign up for the new account with the right email, which will let me section everything off properly, yada yada yada) and a redraw of a sunflower I last drew about eight years ago. It was one of the first designs I put in my old store.

I’ll let Kai and Green Goliath sit just a little longer while I work on this and recharge my fiction brain. Doing this much illustrative work in one day and not feeling super worn out mentally is… interesting. I think my brain may have picked a new hyperfixation, which is honestly fine. As long as I’m producing something, I’m not going to be picky; no one’s waiting on any particular project of mine except me. (Well. And my TTRPG group, who’s still waiting for me to get my act together and GM for them. I need to go back and recap our previous sessions…)

So I’m going to finish my draft, work on this for a couple weeks, then do something else. Probably GG, but possibly one of those nonfiction books that’s been knocking on my skull to get me to write it. It’s only recently occurred to me that nonfiction books can be any length, as long as you cover the topic reasonably well and price them accordingly. A book that’s twenty thousand words and costs 99c isn’t a bad product.

Anyone who knows me, or anyone who’s read this blog at all, can attest that I am very much able to ramble about a variety of topics. For a long time. I might as well package that up and sell it to people who are interested, rather than just infodumping to my friends on Discord every time I pick up a new interest. (Wonder how much I still know about keeping aquariums.)

An added benefit: I think I could actually write nonfiction to an outline. I don’t quite jam that way with fiction, but nonfiction isn’t as sequential as fiction is. There’s a progression to a good nonfiction book, but it’s not strict the way a narrative is. You don’t have to decide what comes next. So the limit becomes, “how much do I have the mental energy to write?” rather than “how much more of the story can I see ahead right now?” Which is probably a more generous threshold, given that I can write fiction till I’m exhausted and then come over here and hammer out a blog post. Not always a pretty one, but it’s not really difficult.

If the limiter becomes “I can’t write any more on this topic tonight,” then I could probably be writing a couple of different nonfiction titles, and maybe a fiction story, at the same time. I really like writing fiction, I’ve been doing it for over a decade, it’s not like I’m going to stop just because I have other projects too.

I’ll need a different pen name for my nonfiction though. It won’t be under Jade Glen. My Redbubble won’t be either, I have something else planned for it. (Secret!)

I’d probably keep rambling about my different projects and ideas and run off on a tangent about designing passive income, but it’s really really off topic for this blog, so instead I’m going to hand you a link to a weird song and go to bed.

Chairlift – Amanaemonesia music video

(No mature content on this video, it’s just very strange.)

Wordfully yours,


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