Blog #19: Return

Hello there, blog I have not touched for six weeks! It’s been, uh, an adventure in the intervening time.

Tesla, my beloved cat, had a big expensive health scare despite being relatively young, and needed my full attention and a lot of vet visits for a week solid (which left me very wiped out). He’s doing okay now. My mom’s ankle is still broken, thanks in part to the nonsense involved in the US health care system–long story, but eventually she did get care somewhere out of town.

I squeezed in a week or two of work on my Redbubble shop in between crises, Christmas shopping, and acting as emergency backup mom for our household… and then I got the flu the week of Christmas and had to get tested for COVID (negative, just felt nasty), and recovered just enough and just in time to help handle guest preparations before my brother’s family came to visit. So, it’s been a fun time around here!

I’m getting restless from not writing, not making things. It’s been a while since I had the energy to do any creative work. Eventually, this always drives me kind of batty; ask anyone close to me and they’ll tell you this is an understatement. I need to be producing, not just putting out fires.

Anyway, I should stop complaining–that’s boring. I finally have a little breathing space and I need to decide what to work on next. Problem is, I’m dog-tired: it’s the middle of winter and I’m never at my best around this time of year to begin with. I think I had some ambitious timeline for my writing back around the end of October, but I can’t think about timelines right now. I need a simple project to get back into writing.

Rewriting part of the ending to MMPC, and finishing the last 2K words of denouement, is on my list–but I don’t know if that’s what I want to start with. At this point, I’ve been away from the work long enough to consider incorporating those items as part of the first revision. I could, in theory, go get MMPC printed out on normal printer paper, grab a colored pen, find a half-empty cafe, and sit in a back corner and start revisions. A part of my brain that is less tired likes this idea. Another part that is more grounded in reality knows that this is a huge and difficult task and I need to wait until I have the energy to follow through on it.

I could try to write on GG. I don’t know how that would go. I do know that part of why I started MMPC was that it felt simpler than Green Goliath, which is a more technically challenging piece of fiction because of how it’s written. GG demands research, and the second act has always been kind of murky. I may need to re-outline it and see if I can’t plan it a little more thoroughly than I normally do.

I also have a list of nonfiction books I’d like to write, and a sort of outline for a particular nonfiction book. If I could summon up some enthusiasm to kick that off, maybe by rereading similar books from my library, then the actual structure of that book would probably be pretty easy to manage. I write good standalone posts, the kind where you’re trying to cover a topic. Stringing twenty or thirty of those together into neat sections with a logical progression shouldn’t be too hard, compared to the structure of a novel.

I may end up using that as an on-ramp to finishing/editing MMPC. I sort of wish I were the kind of person who could follow one project at a time to its full completion, but so far I’m not, at least creatively–I’ve had to learn to work around my variable energy levels, because I know what happens if I’m not accommodating toward myself. Maybe it’s a bad idea to admit this online, I don’t know.

This isn’t a terribly entertaining post to read, I’m sure. I’m just trying to get my head straight so I can get back to work.

Hoping to be wordfully yours,


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