Blog #14: NaNo ’21, Day 12

Today’s stats

Words written: 1863

Weirdest internet search today: “wild boar digging”

How long I sat at the keyboard trying to write before my brain finally kicked on: two hours

Yes, two hours. Yes, I stayed put. I can be stubborn like that. >:p

The outline I wrote a few nights ago helped. I still stared at the screen for almost ten minutes solid without writing a word. I didn’t want to show my characters going into detail about their plan while they were forming it, and then show the plan again as they put it into action.

Heist movie rules: if the viewer gets to see the plan, then that plan is doomed to fail when the characters are just getting started, and the only reason we get to see the discussion phase is so we know exactly how much planning the characters think is necessary, and it’s a big deal as we also get to see exactly how off the rails things go as they’re forced to improvise. If the characters’ plan isn’t that complicated, and something’s only going to go wrong at the last minute, then it’s boring and redundant to show them going over the plan first.

But that meant I needed a bit of a timeskip, and one of the tricky things about timeskips is that you have to figure out where the new scene starts. I’ve had to do that surprisingly little in MMPC; the characters’ time has been so thoroughly packed that I need to go back and put in more places where Melody gets to eat, because (figurative HP-maxing healing magic or not), it’s actually starting to get implausible that she wouldn’t pass out from hunger or something o.o

Eventually I found a place to start the scene. Is it the right place? I don’t know. Probably. I don’t really care. It’s the first draft. It’s NaNo. It’s written. /throws up hands

Here’s tonight’s white noise video. Today it actually snowed in real life where I live, and none of it stuck but it did look very pretty and cozy for a few hours as it was falling, so I picked a white noise video that had snow in it too ^^

Wordfully yours,


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