Blog #13: NaNo ’21, Day 11

Today’s stats

Words written: 2002

Weirdest phrase written today (no context): “Realizing that he was attempting to shake hands with a bird,”

Weirdest name I considered giving a background character, using my naming conventions for this world: Embroidery Hunter (which, incidentally, would make a fantastic D&D character)

I wrote a bunch! This version is much better than the last one. It’s still very very talky though. There’s probably a tighter way to write this, but that’s Future Jade’s problem.

I feel like… I’m maybe three or four thousand words away from THE END. If I finish on Sunday does my beta reader still get her cake? Some people count Sunday as the last day of the week, and it is the 14th. I say yes because I’m very invested in making sure she gets her sweets, and this might be two days of work yet :p

The fight scene I’ve got coming up… the first version is going to be Bad, but I probably won’t get too stuck on writing it. If I write it and it’s Bad or it doesn’t go the way I want it to, it won’t throw me off the same way writing certain other scenes will. Sometimes, I’ll discovery write my way into a scene, it’ll go weird places in ways I don’t like, and I’ll get stuck trying to continue the story from there. This one is a conclusion, though, so the scene after it doesn’t rely on it making sense! I could have the Monty Python boot come in from the sky and squish the wizard (wizards are, as we all know, very squishy) and the denouement would still make sense xD

The denouement, I expect to be pretty easy to write. It’s going to be goofy and full of silly banter and fun exploration, and there’s one more character beat at the end of it. Chill, funny character stuff is the easiest thing for me to write. I actually have a fanfic on my AO3 that’s pretty much just character banter–a sitcom casting a handful of minor characters in an AU that plays fast and loose with canon.

Most of my fanfics are like this, actually; I occasionally write fic as a break from original stuff. It’s fun because you get to skip a lot of difficult exposition, you get a base to work from in terms of characters and worldbuilding, and you get reader feedback almost immediately. I’m not at all a consistent fic writer, I dip in and out of different fandoms on a whim, and people still interact and get excited. Fandom can be pretty awesome. I hope my work has one someday, even if I won’t be able to read the fics for it because it’d get legally tricky.

(Yes, I have an AO3 account. No, I’m not telling you my username or pseuds, unless you know me personally. I don’t need my doofy Pokemon fics connected to my professional brand :p)

Here’s tonight’s white noise video. This one’s not as loud/distinct as some of the others, rain-wise, but it’s quite visually striking and I favored it on my second monitor (which is actually a drawing tablet with a screen) for a lot of the time I spent writing the first act of MMPC. Bringing it back now as I get close to the end :3

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