Blog #12: NaNo ’21, Day 10

Today’s stats

Words written: 726

Song stuck in my head: the entire IDKHOW album RAZZMATAZZ, simultaneously

Procrastination technique: a variety, but mostly cleaning. I was feeling hyper.

I’m tired. I’m trying to write an ending and I feel like one of those videos where a kitten tries to jump on something, and first it has to estimate and reposition and rethink the jump and get just the right angle and the right energy and pluck up the courage and after a solid ten seconds of preparation, it jumps and misses comically and becomes YouTube gold.

But, well, cats grow up and stop having that problem. I’ve read that an adult cat can jump five times its height, but from being around a lot of cats all my life, I think that’s an underestimation.

I need to write an ending that makes sense, and worry about whether it’s any good later. Functionality is the goal here. But, ah… I suspect that seasonal depression and daylight savings adjustments are tag-teaming me. I may have to shift my writing schedule earlier–at least part of it–so that I can sit at my desk with my fancy light box on earlier in the day. I am very much not a winter person. My brain has held out later in the year this year than it usually does, but… whoof.

I may need to spend some time making visual art. Something about that process… well, writing fulfills a lot of my creative drive, but sometimes you just have to paint.

Here’s tonight’s white noise video. I like this one a lot, even though the function of this room as a public clock tower seems… questionable :p

Wordfully yours,


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